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StatisticsReview of Ultra BondUltra Bond is a Windshield Repair Kit and Auto Glass Repair Kit manufacturer. Our Windshield Repair Kits repair long cracks and chips with patented windshield repair resins and windshield repair tools.


(1) Supreme Court. . .study shows Ultra Bond windshield repair resin as strong as more

(2) Ultra Bond Windshield Repair Resin Remains Intact after Rollover more

(3) Ultra Bond windshield Repair Resin Remains Adhered to glass in Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 205 Impact and Penetration tests. (PDF)

We also operate a windshield repair business in Grand Junction, Colorado. Click here for our Windshield Repair Service in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Do you own a windshield repair business?

Convert your existing windshield repair system or glass repair kit to an Ultra BOND windshield repair kit and you can double your windshield repair business income while saving consumers hundreds of dollars. Ultra Bond can repair damage that the competitors cannot touch. Auto Glass Repair Kit reviews show Ultra Bond has the highest repair ratio and the highest average invoice in the industry. This means your income will be 100% higher by using cracked windshield repair kit from Ultra Bond. Call us for windshield repair statistics at actually auto glass repair shops. Ultra Bond invented windshield crack repair and was the first to offer windshield crack repair kits. See the huge variety of windshield repair supplies from rock chip repair kits, windshield crack repair kits, suction cups, windshield repair resins and windshield repair tools.

Business Opportunity - Interested in owning your own windshield repair business?

Those who use the patented Ultra Bond windshield repair system make twice as much income. With Ultra Bond you are able to market the consumer and see profit from a yellow page ad because Ultra Bond is the only windshield repair sytem that is repair versus replacement.

Auto Glass, Windscreen & Windshield Chip Repair Kits

Did you know that 70% of consumers have a $250.00 deductible or higher and that the average windshield replacement is $354.00. Nine out of ten of these consumers will choose a $100.00 long crack repair over a replacement just on the economics. See our Newsletter website Windshield Repair Journal for the most useful information you will find in the windshield repair business.

New Car Windshield Repair Kit Technology

  1. X-Phobic
  2. Xtra Bond
  3. Star-Flexor
  4. Rain Resin

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